A mother & daughter team – Executive Director Virginia Peacock-Makkers & Artistic Programs Director Doreen Murray.

A mother & daughter team – Executive Director Virginia Peacock-Makkers & Artistic Programs Director Doreen Murray.

Building Bridges Through Music, Inc, is a nonprofit, multicultural, educational, expressive arts organization. We are a recognized 501 (C) (3) tax-exempt, charitable organization. We have been the serving Lynn and surrounding North Shore Communities since 2000.

Our name reflects our organizational growth and expansion of our mission creating greater opportunities for community involvement.

Our community youth outreach programs in particular reflect our goal to develop through educational enrichment and implement a broad ranging performance programs for youth.

Our future goal is to initiate programs for those facing physical challenges and disabilities, and who have a desire to be a part of the performance community.

“Our mission hasn’t changed from our early beginnings, but has taken on a broader commitment to our purpose”.  Doreen Murray, Founder.

Our work addresses issues of acceptance within diverse ethnic, religious and socioeconomic communities.

We implement and achieve systematic change using music as a universal language.  We bring children and adults together, experientially as participants and visually as audience members.


Virginia Peacock-Makkers, M.Ed, Co-founder, Executive Director

Ms. Makkers has provided music education, teaching music theory and co-musical chorus director, along with daughter, Doreen Murray at KIPP Academy, and the Robert Ford Community School Lynn, MA. She is an accomplished classical and gospel pianist and has served as Minister of Music at Zion Baptist Church for almost thirty years. Her professional musical experience expands over six decades.

Doreen Murray, Co-founder, M.Ed, Artistic Programs Director

Ms. Murray serves as Choir Director for Follow Hymn Interfaith Choir; vocal coach; and instructor of traditional West African dance at Building Bridges. She is a gospel choir workshop co-presenter along with her mother, Virginia Makkers, throughout the Greater Boston area, a professional soloist, performing artist, and playwright. She is also a member of Zion Baptist Church, Lynn, MA where she directs and provides vocal support for the choir.