Groove School Education Thru Music


A#-Sharp, Education thru Music,  is a structured after school and out of school time program that integrates music into academic enrichment, expressive arts and social skills building; an alternative, multicultural enriched, music based program, operating between school and home in a safe, highly structured, supportive environment.

The goals of BBTMusic After School and Out of School Time programs are to provide a safe, enjoyable, structured education thru music learning environment for school aged children ages 5-14, during the school year and during out of school time, i.e., school and summer vacations.  Students build friendships, play creatively, increase STEM exploration and more importantly increase reading capabilities; develop time management and social skills, i.e., completing homework, while having music instruction and performance projects integrated into a variety of enriching activities, including community performances in particular for special community service projects and positive causes.  Music is taught as a language, with students becoming fluent in reading, writing, understanding and vocalizing, musical concepts in order to grasp music instruction and build confidence for performing.

In summary, Groove School uses music as the tool for increasing academic proficiency of STREAM (science, technology, reading, engineering, arts, math) learning; promoting language arts and reading using creative and fun outlets.

Students learn the fundamentals of playing keyboard, guitar, drums, vocal coaching, drama and performance development.