Packing for a Field Trip

Updated: Jul 23, 2021

Suggested items to bring:

  • A picnic lunch will be provided. You may send your child with lunch if you choose.

  • Please use backpacks if they are bringing their own lunch and to carry items listed below

What is included in the backpack:

  • Sunscreen

  • Bug Spray

  • Hat ( the sun is very strong)

  • Water Bottle

  • Change of clothing ( the grass may be damp - accidents happen)

  • Sweater or raincoat ( temperature may be dropping)

  • Face Masks

What to wear?

  • Pants

  • Sweatshirt

  • Running shoes no sandals

  • T-shirt

PLEASE do not send or allow children to bring the following items:

Do not bring: small items (playing cards, bouncy balls, stuffed animals, or toys, especially with small parts) or electronic devices (cameras, iPods, video game players)

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