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Follow Hymn Interfaith Choir

Follow Hymn, an interfaith multi-cultural community choir,  made up of members from several North Shore communities.

We welcome adult members regardless of age (18 yrs. & over), religion, disability, or ethnicity. Members at Follow Hymn represent many faiths; male and female with varied socio-economic backgrounds. Fluency in at least three languages is represented within our membership; Spanish, Hebrew; French.

Performances at Follow Hym celebrate and share our diverse cultures. Our interpretations of the gospel, ethnic, inspirational music, and dramatic presentation introduce the communities to an experience, which may be new to them. While the North Shore is home to a diverse population, often those individual communities are separated by income, religion, ethnicity or age, and do not have the opportunity to learn about each other. Through a combination of song, movement, and dramatic presentation, audience members benefit through motivation, inspiration, or simply by the social experience. Follow Hymn Interfaith Choir has become where we carry and share the rich diversity of the North Shore community with all of its members.

Our varied style of presentation allows our audiences to respond and touch something beyond their own individual point of references.

We embrace our cultural similarities and differences, learn from one another and share this knowledge with others.  We apply this philosophy of respect, learning and sharing on and off stage.

Among our members are professional musicians, artists, educators, media and communication specialists, and retired executive administrators. All of whom share a commitment to volunteerism for the benefit of the community. Building Bridges Through Music, Lynn MA



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