Statement of Purpose

The BBTMusic, Education thru Music After School Program, known as Groove School offers an alternative between school and home for children in a safe and supportive environment.

The program offers children a wide variety of music based integrative arts activities, integrating music education and performance into STEM and literacy  enabling them to explore a number of different interests after the school day. Students have many opportunities to develop problem-solving skills, cultural awareness, expressive arts engagement and socialization building a strong sense of self-worth. We understand that each child develops in their own way and at their own pace, and our curriculum and educational philosophies follow the child.

The program provides:

  • A safe, nurturing and stimulating  physical environment

  • Classrooms that include a variety of academic enriched and performance-based activities that are age appropriate and designed to encourage skill and creativity development and active involvement

  • Classrooms equipped to ensure opportunities for the development of sensory, language, mathematical, scientific and cultural experiences

  • Daily routines that are established with a variety of small and large group activities

  • A balance between quiet and active times in the classroom and many opportunities for daily outside exploration, play with respect to nature and the environment

  • The staff engages in regular observation and assessment of children and group interactions

  • Productive and regular communication with parents

  • Staff who will develop positive relationships with parents, be caring and sensitive with children and be committed to the program and individual professional growth and development

About our Payment Schedule


½ day, After School or Full day


Schedule: Base Tuition*


  • Five Days    $ 175.00

  • Four Days    $ 140.00

  • Three Days  $ 105.00

  • Two Days     $  70.00

  • One Day      $  35.00

Vouchers accepted. Limited Scholarships available.

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