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Winner of the 2023 Cummings Grant Program


Lynn May 26, 2023

Building Bridges Through Music Inc.

(BBTMusic), a Lynn-based nonprofit organization has been selected as one of the recipients of the esteemed $30 Million Cummings Grant Program. The organization emerged victorious after a competitive review process that involved 630 applicants. Over the next three years, BBTMusic will receive a generous grant totaling $75,000.

For 23 years, BBTMMusic has been dedicated to fostering social harmony and inclusivity through their Education thru Music programs and originating STREAM2 initiative. By uniting people from diverse backgrounds, the organization aims to bridge cultural gaps and create meaningful connections within communities. Their innovative programming, engaging performances, and collaborative initiatives have made a significant impact on the lives of countless individuals, inspiring positive social change.

Upon receiving the Cummings grant, Co-founders, Virginia Makkers, Executive Director, and Doreen Murray, Executive Programs Director, expressed their gratitude and excitement, stating, "Receiving this prestigious grant from Cummings Foundation is an incredible honor for Building Bridges Through Music. It not only validates our commitment to fostering Education Thru Music but also allows us to expand our programs and reach even more children and youth in need.

Building Bridges Through Music. has outlined ambitious plans to further its mission and maximize its impact. The organization intends to enhance and expand its Education Thru Music Programs, reaching a larger number of children and providing them with access to quality STREAM2 using music as a catalyst. Additionally, Building Bridges Through Music plans to develop new community partnerships, organize collaborative events that celebrate diversity, and establish scholarships for their talented alumni students and young musicians who face financial barriers.

Building Bridges Through Music is dedicated to building a more harmonious and inclusive community through transformative Education Thru Music. With the support of the Cummings grant, Building Bridges Through Music is poised to create lasting change and inspire individuals of all backgrounds to come together and forge meaningful connections. For more information on Building Bridges Through Music and its programs, please visit

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