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Updated: May 25, 2023

March 10, 2021

Mrs. Doreen Murray and Mrs.Virginia Peacock-Makkers, Co-founders of Building Bridges Through Music, Inc. were recognized as Black Excellence Honorees by the Massachusetts Black & Latino Legislative Caucus during the Black Excellence on the Hill event held Friday, February 26.

Building Bridges Through Music focuses on Cultural responsiveness which is built into every aspect of the curriculum. Their mission is to bring together diverse neighboring communities for the purpose of increasing cultural awareness and racial harmony by using music, dance, and dramatic presentation as a multicultural, educational tool.

They were nominated by State Representative Peter Capano and Senator, “for the love and the commitment that they both have to the youth of Lynn, MA”, Senator Creighton expressed. He further stated, “I was honored to nominate Mrs. Murray and Mrs. Makkers to be Honorees for the MBLLC's 2021 Black Excellence on the Hill celebration”.

Senator Crighton and Representative Capano made a visit to Building Bridges to personally present the Excellence Awards to the mother and daughter team. Rep. Capano said he fell in love with the program, the passion of Mrs. Murray and Mrs. Makkers as well as the charisma they had. He loved the smiles on the students’ faces when he attended an event 10 years ago and has been a fan and avid supporter of BBTMusic ever since.

Mrs. Murray was extremely grateful and said that they had not achieved their program’s success alone. It has been through the kindness, support, and generosity of so many others in and beyond the community that helped to make all they do for children and families they serve possible. Thanking everyone who has and continues to support BBTMusic.

Mrs. Makkers concluded the message by expressing, “ the youth are teaching us every day” and continued to express her sincere appreciation to the Massachusetts Black & Latino Legislative Caucus for recognizing and celebrating what Building Bridges has done for the past 20 years and continues to do today.

To learn more about Building Bridges Through Music visit

About The 2021 Black Excellence on the Hill Event

The 2021 Black Excellence on the Hill event is an annual event hosted by the Massachusetts Black & Latino Legislative Caucus to commemorate Black community leaders and trailblazers that are moving the needle forward in their respective communities. Our 2021 nominees are activists, teachers, musicians, chocolatiers, and more -- demonstrating that the excellence inherent to Blackness emulates from how expansive it is. Learn more about the MBLLC at

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