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🏰 BBTMusic Summer SMART Students Field Trip to George's Island in Boston Harbor 🌊

Updated: Jul 27, 2023

Check out these stunning pictures from our unforgettable day visiting Fort Warren, exploring and taking in the rich history of the Civil War era. Every moment was unbelievable from the awesome fort to the amazing views of Boston Harbor. 📷✨

🌿 Thanks to Save the Harbor's dedication and conservation efforts, BBTMusic Summer SMART students enjoyed the beauty of the Boston Harbor Islands National and State Park. They witnessed thriving wildlife, embraced the refreshing ocean air, and captured incredible memories that will remain for a long time. 🐦🌅

🎉 We extend our heartfelt gratitude to Save the Harbor for their invaluable support in creating a memorable experience for our students. Their commitment to preserving the natural and historical treasures of Boston Harbor is truly commendable! 🙏🌊

📢 Check out these amazing pictures and help us spread the word about the incredible work done by Save the Harbor. Together, we can continue to protect and cherish these precious resources for generations! 🌊⛵️

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