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Here's to 2024 and MORE!

Building Bridges Thru Music enjoyed the holidays wrapping up a year of incredible growth, triumph and musical brilliance! With the support of our families, friends, donors and Lynn community, the beat goes on! We look excitedly upon a glorious year fostering academic excellence with music in mind!

 Let’s take a moment to reflect on some of the wonderful December moments shared here at BBTMusic!


The Snow Bells Rang

The holidays are always a time filled with laughter, joy and a lil’ bit of friendly competition! Our kiddos and wonderful teachers let their creative sides shine for this years Annual Door Decorating Contest! Each door was well thought out and a great show of teamwork! Members of our board voted on the doors and chose the “Gingerbread House” (bottom right photo) as the favorite. However, each team will get to enjoy a special fun filled day for their good spirit and hard work!



At BBTMusic, we pride ourselves on being a place that inspires change, waters the roots of personal growth, and plants seeds of excitement in the minds of those we teach. We believe the future has a lot to offer if you’re respectful, work hard and dream big! And for a few of our band members, the future is calling! We could not be more excited for our BBTMusic family members and fantastic Peer Mentors; Brandon Cruz who will be finishing up his junior year at Saint Mary’s High School with hopes to run track at the next level, as well as George Alfaro, and Tatum Cahill who will embark on their next journey at Salem State. University! Congratulations and good luck, the world is your symphony!


Thank you, for all you do!

In 2024 BBTMusic will continue to flourish and work tirelessly to break down barriers through the transformative gift of Education through music! Thanks to all of our supporters, we continue to adapt the S.T.R.E.A.M. curriculum and teach it in a way that uncovers our children’s greatest strengths!

A special heartfelt thank you to all those who donated on behalf of the  Goodrich Funeral Home of Lynn, in memory of our dearest friend, John “Jack” Anderson.

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