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April Showers Bring May Flowers!

Updated: May 15

It was a wonderful April here at BBTMusic!  A special thanks to the Education Comes First Organization in partnership with Khan Academy. As the school year plays its final note they have continued to provide fun activities that keep our kids engaged- A tough task in the warmer months!


See you in 20 years!!

Earlier this month our kiddos had the chance to experience something they had never seen before- A solar eclipse! The vote is still out on what part of the event was more mind-blowing for them; was it the solar eclipse? Or was it doing some addition to figure out their age for the next one in 20 years-Who knows? Either way, we were able to combine real-world math and fun.


Thinking Outside the Box

Recently, staff members had an opportunity to attend the 2024 OST FULL STEAM Ahead Conference in Devens, Mass! Our team enjoyed a full day of outside-the-box thinking, networking, and friendly competition! Since the beginning here at BBTMusic, we have searched for new innovative ways to teach our kids science, technology, reading, art, and math. Thanks to the information and resources provided by the many presenters in attendance, we found some! We're excited to apply what we've learned at this year's conference to our daily operations. in the future!


Summer is Calling!

With the school year coming to a close, one thing sticks out to us the most. That’s right, our 2024 Summer S.M.A.R.T Program is back and we are singing it from the rooftops! We could not be more excited as we prepare for our 6 week long program beginning July 1st and running through Aug 16th! For over two decades our program has been the perfect mix of summer learning loss prevention and fun! We’ve planned trips to the beach, Arial adventure courses, rockin’ musical performances, and more! This summer, Building Bridges is the place to be! You can register using the link at the top of our website or by calling us at 781-479-8327, don’t wait slots are filling up fast!


Thank you for all you do!

Lastly, thank you to all of our friends, family Members, Board Members, and Donors for your continued support. Here’s to another fun-filled month of Education Thru Music! :)

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